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All About Me

I'm a 40 year old mother of one, and two years ago I got sober and had my boobs chopped off. Then I had a massive breakdown, moved to Cornwall, and changed career from being a Chief Operating Officer in the financial sector, to finding joy and peace in painting and crochet. I had a traumatic childhood and I tried to paper over those cracks by drinking my way through my adulthood.

I really want to use this blog to help me work through my past traumas but I also hope that it can help any of you who’ve suffered any of the same issues. I have the deepest sympathies with anyone going through similar.

I used to be a marathoner and a triathlete, but since I had to have the boob job a couple of years ago (I have the breast cancer genetic mutation - BRCA2) I haven’t managed to regain my fitness yet!



It’s been a wild old ride but I’m on a journey and I hope it leads to shinier and happier places again.

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