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Art Class week 7 - overpainting a picture I didn't like

I didn't like the way this picture came out at all.

Ugly sea picture

It just didn't look right to me, and I hated the green bits on it. (I generally am not a fan of bright green.)

Fortunately, I had acquired some SILVER OIL PAINT. My life was complete, I was ridiculously happy! I wasn't sure what to do to the painting, so I started painting over the waves to make the edges glint silver. I wish I had taken more photos as I was painting, to capture the process. I know now for next time...

It looked pretty as the silver was added, and as I applied more and more, the painting began to take on a magical moonlit aspect. One of my friends at art class, J, pointed out that I needed a light source (I love it when I get proper helpful critique of my art, it always improves it!). So - it turned into a proper moonscape.

Here is the almost finished version, I have left it to dry before I do anymore to it.

Moonlit sea picture

Moonlight over sea

I want to see how the silver comes out once it is dry, which will hopefully be by Friday. Oil takes forever, especially the way I ladle it on!

After I finished this, I started another one. I haven't taken any photos of that yet, because it is barely started - I should do though. I just feel strange about putting pictures out there that are in progress as they quite often look pretty dreadful when you're halfway through. Perhaps that could be a learning experience though. I will think about it.

Anyway, I hope you like what I did! Have a lovely day everyone. x

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