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Art class weeks 3 and 5 - OILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

So I haven’t updated art class for a little while, I needed to combine 2 weeks and I had to get a photo of what I did in week 4.

Here are weeks 3 and 5 which are together because it’s more of the scene that is (eventually, when I finish a shawl I’m STILL making) going to be Granny’s blanket. These paintings are actually taking on a bit of a life of their own though - it’s recognisably still the same scene but it seems to be falling off my paintbrush in different lights and moods.

Here is my first attempt at doing it with oils (fnar fnar 😆) from week 3 - I added some paint to it today and painting onto dry oil is really quite cool. It’s not finished but it needs the orange to dry more so I can continue the sky. You can see where the orange and the bluey bits kind of combined to a green. Which I didn’t want. So I’ll revisit that bit. *edited to add a picture of it from week 3*

I think there is a size or perspective issue, one that I obviously can’t fix in this painting. And probably applies to my second painting too. The cliffs compared to the waves are wrong. But - for my first painting with oils I am pretty darn happy. I absolutely love the foaminess of the waves. That’s the wet paint on dry effect.

And then the painting I started today - well. I just went a bit crazy. See what you think. Obviously this is not how Granny’s blanket will be. She doesn’t want a storm - that will have to wait until I do a blanket for M as he likes a properly moody sea. Weirdo. The moodier the better in his eyes!

Anyway. Enough babble. Here you go. It is wet paint so won’t be as vibrant. And when it dries I can add the white foamy bits of the waves. So, another work in progress.

Some bits are a bit too murky for my liking. I’d like some brightness showing up in there. There’s an artist I’ve a bit fallen in love with how he does waves and so I might copy him. Richard Blowey. He puts really vibrant turquoise into the depth of his waves.

Lastly, have a picture of my messy palette. I get through an awful lot of paint the way I do it 😆😆😆 the tiny aluminium palette I bought is just far too small. Sometimes I just squeeze the paint right onto the canvas.

I had so so so much fun today. God I love oils. I could honestly mess around all day with them.

Let me know your (honest!!!) opinions. I’d love to hear what you think.


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Daniel Burgos Zarazo
Daniel Burgos Zarazo
Mar 04, 2022

So much energy and a great theme and setting. Feels like you're doing something you truly deem valuable with your time and effort. Me I like.

Kiri Self
Kiri Self
Mar 05, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! Yes I am loving it, it’s strange how all of this creativity is just bursting out of me.

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