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Chronic Fatigue, Dyeing Yarn, and Crocheting a Blanket

I never really understood chronic fatigue, ever though that has been over the years one of my mums primary diagnoses. But it’s being so tired that you can’t move from sitting on the bed to lying down because you’re too tired. Right now - I can move my thumbs. But I’m lying here and I’m too tired to lie down and go to sleep right now. Plus I just woke from a two hour nap, totally disorientated. What day is it? What time? Where am I?

Then I inhaled a chocolate bar and here we are. Ready to go to sleep again. All I did was walk the dog the the little green bit round the corner where she does her daily business! Not really anything major.

Anyway, here we are. After the walk I came in, and lay on the bed. It was strange, it was a blissful almost state of being, where sheer exhaustion radiated through my whole body and I get so heavy I’d surely sink to the centre of the earth. I was awkwardly wedged on the bed though and not curled up under the covers, so I had to gather almost inhuman strength to move myself around and get comfy. And then I passed out.

In other news, I did this. On the left is a designer yarn that I love, and on the right is my first attempt at matching it. Pretty close although still need to make the red and purple bling a little bit more.

And my blanket is getting bigger. The reason I’m doing this not Granny’s blanket at the moment is that I’m still waiting for my creative spark to re-emerge so that I can start on that again. Just straight lines and choosing a colour is good enough for me right now.

Over and out. 😘


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