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Painting Granny’s blanket - art class 2!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Art class number 2! It was brilliant, I loved it again. I got there early with my new friend, I’d picked her up on the way. I had taken my crochet to show the art teacher so got that out (before my hands started getting covered in paint and so on,). She really loved it! And the task for the day was to take a landscape picture and draw and paint it. I explained how I was having trouble with the perspective of the cliff and she whipped out a perfect photocopy that she happened to have!! So I sat down and cracked on.

First up was drawing it. I liked this but am still learning how to use charcoal so it wasn’t perfect.

Then I used a blue watercolour paint to do the single colour version. I adored this, particularly doing the waves at the bottom of the cliff.

Next was the primary colours only version, where we took just red, yellow, and blue, and painted using those. I started to add in the sun at the left hand side with this.

And then I just kept painting the scene again.

I really loved this one.

And then for something different I used my new oil pastels. They were tricky to use and I definitley didn’t know what I was doing over by the cliff, but I worked it out by the time I’d got to the sunset. So I might revisit this. Next week - oil paints!!! I can’t wait.

a zoom in of the sunset. Oil pastels work by layering in somewhat the same way as oil paints. Not like blending chalk pastels at all.

It would be cool if you, dear reader, would go away and give this exercise a go with your own pictures. I’d love to see them if you do!!


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Emma West
Emma West
Jan 30, 2022

I love the blue only version. Seeing your progress and your enthusiasm is wonderful.

Kiri Self
Kiri Self
Jan 30, 2022
Replying to

Aw thank you lovely, that’s so kind of you to say!!! I am absolutely loving it, it’s just so much FUN! 😍😍😍

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