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Arty Farty Kiri! Landscape drawing and painting and all new exciting things

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

So, you may or may not know but I had a huge (messy) breakdown, quit London, and moved to the coast to recover. Like all good middle age lady invalids shipped out to the Cornish countryside to recuperate, I have started an art course. A ten week part time course of the art of working with landscapes. I picked this one because I want to make my Granny a blanket. I learnt to crochet last September and this was my attempt at a small prototype of how I want this blanket to look:

Then I started the blanket, and accidentally made it 5 1/2 feet wide.

So I started doing some drawings to work out proportions of things. While I was doing them, I decided I’d make it square and add in a cliff because I also want to do a lighthouse. And a moon.

So next I tried to draw it just to check colours and so on. And made the cliff a bit longer.

My drawing was pretty rubbish and that frustrated me. So, I decided I want to learn properly. To draw and paint and so on. I want to be able to capture the colours that I see, both in my mind and through my eyes. So I signed up for an art course!

Ten weeks of Friday mornings learning about the technical stuff.

And, it was absolutely bloody brilliant. Amazing. I was so incredibly nervous beforehand that I accidentally had a little cry on the art teacher at the start of the lesson. But she was wonderfully kind and soon we got sorted out and started doing our thing. She gave us a picture and asked us to use some different techniques to draw it. This is the picture she gave us:

and this is the instruction sheet:

and here are my attempts to follow the instructions!

Let me know what you think…. The last few were just me messing around.

Showing everyone this is very nerve wracking 😆😆😆 I hope you like it or are inspired to do your own creative thing. If I can go and do that anyone can!

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